Saturday, October 16, 2010

From Duo Core to Quad Core

After my motherboard died on me last week, I went to get a new motherboard + CPU. Once again, I went with AMD because
1) Cheaper. MUCH cheaper
2) AMD still have boards/chips that I can use my DDR2 RAM with. No need to buy new RAM

And I bought a AMD Athlon II Quad Core 640 processor. Motherboard + CPU for just $255. Looking back, I moved from single core to duo core in late 2008. Now finally moving on to quad core. Tho I'm supposed to be a "geeky" person, I'm actually very far behind the rest when it comes to getting high end computers! I'm always going for low-end ones.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Affectionate Cats

Who said cats are not affectionate? I haven't been feeling well for the whole day, so most of the time I was sleeping or just lying in bed. The two of them would come and sleep with me (beside me, sometimes on me) and sometimes they'll come and kiss me. There were a few times I got woken up by them walking on me though. Haha.

We thought that cats are supposed to be less active after sterilisation. It doesn't seem to be the case with our cats, still as active as ever.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Tech Updates

Looking back, I've gotten quite a number of the tech gadgets I've been wanting. iPhone 3GS (from Starhub, not M1), Canon EOS 550D, a 1TB hard disk to back up my photos. What's next?

Well, next thing on my mind is actually not gadgets, but the wedding! Wedding prep!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

iPhone coming to M1!

I can't wait for M1 to start selling the iPhone at the end of the year. I've been waiting and hoping that M1 (which I prefer over Singtel) to start offering the iPhone, and I won't have to be forced to change Telco just to get an iPhone. Woohoo! Maybe at the beginning of next year, you'll see me with an iPhone?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Countdown... 3 days...

We're only 3 days from moving (in fact, less than 3 days now). But we still have so much left undone! So many things to move, so much to clean up. I hope all will turn out well in the end...

Monday, July 20, 2009

More renovation updates

Finally things are moving at a better pace. I'm still rather worried about whether it can finish by 22nd though. There are a lot of places that need to be touched up.

The lights and ceiling fan are finally up. As can be seen, the balcony is also painted.

The kitchen cabinets

Dish rack

Another part of the kitchen cabinet

The study table

This is the sliding door between the living room and the study room
I quite like the effect of the spotlight on the altar
The colour of bedroom 3
Another pic of the sliding door. This time closed.
The masterbedroom light and the built in wardrobe. The wardrobe hides the entrance of the toilet.

Showing a bit of the inside of the wardrobeMore of the inside
Dining lights
Study room light. I like the wall colour.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frustrated with Renovations Progress

I can't believe this. After more than 1 month of renovations, our house is still quite far from complete. Before they started work, the contractors told us in 4 to 6 weeks time, it'll be completed. After starting, they say end of June. After some time, it became early July. A few days ago, it became 22nd July. Now, everything is still behind schedule.

The contractors don't seem to be able to activate their workers well. All they did today was to paint a few walls. A lot of the walls are still left undone. They were supposed to have completed painting last Saturday! Lights are not up though it was supposed to be completed by today.

Anyway, here are some photos of the house in progress.

Painting in progress:

Small window in living room. Bottom is now boxed up.

Grilles are up for all the windows

Probably our favourite part of the renovation. The platform at the balcony.

Store room door. For goodness sake, why would we need a magnetic door stopper for the storeroom door which is supposed to be kept closed all the time?!?! And now that the workers fixed it on, we can't remove the part on the door as it'll leave a hole...

The tight toilet bowl space and the window screen in the common toilet. Although it's still dirty now, it really looks much better than the old green flooring.

Messy kitchen

Messy living room as well. Can't wait for the old lights to be taken down.

Masterbed room toilet door. We wanted only 2 panels for the door (same for the common toilet door), but the contractor forgot to tell the sub-contractors, and both doors turned out to have 4 panels. The contractor asked us to accept it, and we actually said OK, provided everything goes well. Looking at things now, I'm so unhappy... We were willing to give and take, but they just kept doing things wrongly and delaying.

We're going to meet the contractors in the morning to talk things through and sort things out. Do they actually need me to teach them how to manage their workers?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Day of Renovation

We started the renovation on 21st May. The workers came to hack the floor. We're changing the floor tiles for the whole place except for the balcony (building platform over) and the masterbed room toilet (which has nice tiles that are only 3 years old)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Renovation Part 1 - Pictures of House Before Renovation

Oh my gosh. Preparing for the new house is just plain TIRING! So tiring that we hardly had anytime for rest, let alone blog here. After weeks and weeks of re-fining our requirements, and getting quotes from interior designers, we decided to settle for Ah Soon, a contractor recommended by Jovyn (Gladys' friend that she got to know through talking online about diamonds!).

Indeed, Ah Soon gave a good pricing compared to the other interior designers, and he is highly recommended on RenoTalk Forum. And honestly, even when we talked to the interior designers, because we have quite a lot of ideas of our own, we felt that the IDs were not that much value-add after all. Definitely not worth the price difference.

Ah Soon is not personally handling this project though. He got his "disciple", Alan (a.k.a Ah Huat) to handle our house instead. Our experience with Alan so far has been quite good. Although he's forgetful (understandable since he's handling so many projects), but he's quite helpful too.

Some background about our house. It's a resale 5A unit in Bukit Batok. 132sqm. So it's actually quite big. We bought it partly because of the space, especially when we compared the kitchen to the new flats. The flat is quite old though. 24 years old already.

So, to start off, here's some pics of our house before we started renovation.

This is the main door and the storeroom. Because the main door and the storeroom door is in each other's way, the previous owner just removed the storeroom door. Also, he hacked a hole in the wall into the kitchen.

Here are some photos of the living area. The area behind the beam is actually the dining area, and the three doors are the three bedrooms. We are going to block up the doors to the first and third bedroom, and make the second bedroom into a study room, with a sliding door into the room, and then from the study room, we'll have the doors to the other two bedrooms.

Here, you can see the balcony. The doors are quite ugly, and we're going to remove them.

The entrance to the kitchen can be seen here

These old flats have no windows in the living room other than the balcony windows and this small window beside the balcony. At first we thought of sealing it up, but then when we opened the window, a strong breeze came through and we felt that it would be such a waste sealing it up.

This particular window beside the main door, we will definitely seal up though. It's actually already sealed up from the outside (HDB changed their mind about having this window here?) but then the previous 2 owners did not seal up on the inside.

A closer look at the balcony. This is going to become a cosy corner with a platform next time.

The kitchen. The previous owner divided the kitchen into two: a dining area and the cooking area. We're just going to have one huge kitchen instead, and move the dining area back where it was supposed to be.

The common toilet. Major renovations to this toilet. We're going to do some shifting here and build a shower screen. Only problem is that we'll have to turn the toilet bowl 90 degrees, and means that the side will be very close to the wall.

Bedroom 1 (Masterbed room)

Toilet in Bedroom 1. Looks much nicer than the common toilet, and it has a shower screen

Only problem is the windows (which is also the case in the common toilet). They are the original ones, 24 years old already.

Bedroom 2:

Bedroom 3: